The Wedding of Harry Peart & Doreen Waistell
This is the wedding of Harry Peart and Doreen Waistell.

Peart Family History

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Family History

Not a common name "Peart" has its roots in the North of England - at least as far as our family is concerned. provides a definition ...
\Peart\, a. [A variant of pert, a.] Active; lively; brisk; smart; -- often applied to convalescents; as, she is quite peart to-day. [O. Eng. & Colloq. U. S.]

There was a tricksy girl, I wot, albeit clad in gray, As peart as bird, as straight as bolt, as fresh as flowers in May. --Warner (1592).

Here is another source.

Historical Family Photos

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Harry Peart Doreen Peart


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